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Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Having a meaning and purpose in life is an essential indicator for optimal functioning of any individual.

Living on Purpose

Being aware of one’s life meaning positively effects one’s psychological well-being and helps reduce the incidence of depression. Recent researches also support the fact that once individuals find out the purpose in their life, they cope up with their medical challenges in a much better way (Dezutter, et al., 2013).

Having a purpose in life makes your life “worth living” and adds more years to it. There are three reasons to find purpose in life (Hill & Turiano, 2014). Meaning in life effects, one’s mental processes and behavior. It enables individuals to interpret and organize their daily experience, achieve goals, and categorize important objects. Meaning in life, on the other hand, depends on purpose, efficacy, value, and self-worth.

There are two ways of looking at the meaning in life; presence of meaning in life and the search for one. In the first case, we measure the extent to which an individual is aware of the meaning in his life. They see their lives having a purpose which extends beyond the basic life concerns. In the second case, we measure the extent of efforts individuals make to find the meaning and purpose in their life. This search for meaning is a basic human motivation (Krok, 2015).

Life’s existence is not just a random interplay of some gases and chemicals. Individuals and living beings have to serve some purpose in life which is an essential motivation to live and achieve. Understanding one’s existence and striving to achieve one’s goals and aspirations are the factors which run the wheel of life.


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