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Nutrition and Exercise Online Programs

Healthy Grocery List

Nutrition and Exercise Programs

Exercising at Home

Custom Nutrition and Exercise Program:

One-time payment: $100.00 

  1. 8- week exercise plan with progressive training cycle (including warm-up and cool-down)

  2. 3 - 5 day routine options

  3. Proper lifting video clips 

  4. Grocery list

  5. Motivational support

Healthy Morning

Custom Nutrition Program:

One-time payment: $50.00 

  1. Nutrition plan for weight loss or lean muscle mass  

  2. Personal calorie and macro targets advice

  3. Dietary guidelines

  4. Sustainable eating tips

  5. Supplementation tips

  6. Motivational support

HIIT Exercise Plan

Gym Workout

Custom High Intensity Interval Training  

One-time payment: $50.00 

  1. 4 Week High-Intensity Interval Training 

  2. 3 days per week with optional exercise 

  3. Proper warm-up and cool-down routines

  4. Pre-Recorded Routines (10 - 30 minutes)

  5. Supplementation tips

  6. Motivational support

In Person and Online Services:

Consultation (In Person or Online)


Monthly Consultation with Coach Nick:

One time payment/ $100.00

  1. Scheduled meeting sessions

  2. Motivational contact support 24/7

  3. Dietary guidelines advice

  4. Exercise guidelines advice

  5. Personal Contact

Personal Training (In Person)



Person Training with Coach Nick:

2 Session per week/$300 Monthly

  3 Session per week/$380 Monthly  

  1. Scheduled sessions

  2. Healthy Grocery List 

  3. Strength and Conditioning Training 

  4. Personal progressive overload

  5. Free HIIT Exercise Plan 

  6. Personal Contact

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Outreach Programs and Services

  1. Leadership Guest Speaking 

  2. Hosting Fitness Event 

  3. Sponsorship

  4. Other inquires feel free to contact us.